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Sentricor Security Ltd is an independent security company providing security guarding services and offer a broad range of personable, effective and bespoke security services to accommodate your needs. Law breaking criminals target industrial and warehouse sites on a regular basis. Industrial sites and warehouses are a tempting target for thieves and vandals.

The reasons for this are due to:

  • The often-remote location of the site
  • The high cost of the goods stored on site
  • Long lengths of time during the weekend, bank holidays and holiday periods where the site is left unmanned
  • Inability to rely on alarm systems due to the location and high value of the goods

Our guards can successfully cover the security needs of any industrial or warehouse facility. We have SIA licensed guards that can patrol sites, monitor CCTV, respond to emergencies and set alarms. We also place numerous warning boards to hot spots on your site to create an additional visual deterrent to discourage criminals from entering the site.

Sentricor Security Ltd will assess your site to determine what route to security coverage is required. This is a complimentary part of our service and vital to assuring how the site works and where the problem areas may be. We will nominate a dedicated account manager to your site who will be available 24/7 to deal with all problems and issues.

Our guards will maintain a rigorous access control system to ensure all visitors, delivery drivers, labourers, management and facilities staff provide identification upon arrival and sign in and out of the building. They will endorse all company policies and ensure the importance of wearing identification at all times is re-iterated to all staff. Failure to comply will result in staff exclusion and police assistance.

It is unfortunate that not all staff can be trusted to not steal valuable items from the site without paying for them. Our security team can set up random searches of staff lockers and bags to ensure these ‘shrinkages’ are minimised. Our guards follow strict protocol on how to conduct these searches and we can supply male and female guards to complete the searches where necessary.

We will ensure our guards hold a valid SIA licence and are fire marshal and first aid trained to deal with any emergency situations that may arise when they may be alone on your site. We will make it our responsibility to provide the guards with a workshop which will run through a number of scenarios that can occur on industrial and warehouse sites, so that they are comfortable to deal with a variety of situations.

The main tasks for a security guard on an industrial & warehouse site are:

  • Car Park Supervision
  • Access Control
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Conducting Patrols
  • Managing Deliveries
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Visual Deterrent
  • Safety Supervision

Our guards will involve themselves fully in how your business operates and will be able to cover reception duties as well as providing back-up to on-site staff during the day or night. It is also essential for our guards to take the responsibility of maintaining the site during their shift to ensure the goods and stock are never at risk. They can do this by checking:

  • Any perishable goods are kept fresh
  • The site is secure during extreme weather conditions
  • No items have become dislodged or are damaged or faulty
  • Note down any injury’s or incidents that may occur
  • Deterring any vandalism

Our guards will be dressed in our full uniform at all times. This will allow them to perform their task as a member of authority and as a visual deterrent. They will receive a comprehensive induction to ensure they can deal with fire, fault and intruder alarm systems confidently on their own without interrupting your site staff out of hours.

In addition to security guarding, our supervisor will also visit your site to ensure the guard is performing their duties. They will also act as a mobile patrol to ensure areas of your site that cannot be covered by foot are appropriately checked.

Why Choose Sentricor Services for Industrial & Warehouse Security?

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our business, so we are open to hear all of the ways you would like us to secure your site and can offer great advice and cost-effective solutions for the benefit of a safer environment for all.

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Industrial & Warehouse Security

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